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PMP Sales is a consultative promotion company that has evolved with the times, creating successful strategies for independent retailers to produce the extra cash required to stay on top while increasing their market share through our SHORT-TERM, HIGH-IMPACT SALES EVENTS.  We also help stores who choose to close do so in a profitable, efficient manner.

Some powerful promotion themes with which we’ve found the most success are:

















Contact us to discuss which theme might be right for your store’s situation.





PMP Sales analyzes your inventory and makes recommendations to improve overall effectiveness. In order to fulfill the demand created by the sale, stores often need additional merchandise. Prior to starting the sale, we will coordinate a merchandising program for you. We have excellent resources that offer tremendous value with quick ship capabilities. In addition, we have vendors that may provide merchandise on a consignment basis. The merchandising plan integrates the new resources with your existing inventory with a controlled level of buying designed to maximize the potential of the sale.

We believe in utilizing your own vendors as much as possible, but do not hesitate to use any available sources of supply to assure the success of the event – with your approval of course.  It is our experience that once your vendors hear you hired our company to run a powerful sale, they usually want to participate with the anticipated volume to benefit them as well.

Our trained and experienced on-site manager arrives 1-2 weeks prior to the first day of your promotion to set up your store in a manner most conducive for your objectives.  They re-tag your store with the appropriate sale theme tag and create an exciting atmosphere for your customers using banners, posters and balloons throughout the showroom.




PMP Sales provides a Project Manager and Sales Consultants to be on site for the entire duration of your event.  We are proud of the caliber of people associated with PMP Sales, and the team selected for your event is hand-picked based on each person’s suitability for your particular store to promote optimum blending and compatibility with your staff and clientele.

Your team arrives several days prior to the start of the sale to acclimate themselves, begin strategizing, and prepare your store for increased activity.

The Project Manager is an independent contractor who treats the store as if it were their own; however, respectful of the fact that they are performing a service for our client.  Our Project Managers are seasoned veterans and strongly motivated.  Their job is key and we supply the very best.  They are responsible to oversee:

  • Assists with Closing Techniques on the Floor
    Day-to-Day Operations
    Merchandising and Floor Display
    Advertising Campaign & Measuring ROI

PMP Sales has Sales Consultants who are
available as independent contractors and work
on a straight commission basis.  They are experienced and professional, and work with your staff as lateral trainers, teaching effective selling techniques that increase closing ratio and gross profit margin.

Prior to the start of the sale, PMP Sales will conduct an analysis of your office and delivery operations. We will make the appropriate recommendations to “gear up” these areas in order to handle the anticipated increased volume.  This sometimes means hiring temporary office and warehouse help.

During your event, our senior advisors periodically check in on the progress of the sale and address any concerns you may have, staying present and personally involved with your promotion and committed to its success.




As soon as a client decides to run a sale, their market is thoroughly researched and analyzed by our team of talented experts in all fields of advertising. PMP Sales Advertising Department specializes in developing integrated campaigns, creating strong, urgent advertising designed to stimulate the trading area and produce heavy traffic and high volume. Each mode of advertising is custom-designed specifically for that particular store. Preserving the client’s reputation and market image is a principal objective on every PMP Sales assignment.

To begin the process of creating your customized campaign, a member of our executive team visits the store to evaluate your market and set up the general structure of your event’s advertising campaign. From there, PMP Sales’ Advertising Department contacts you to collect additional details, and begins to gear up the promotional advertising campaign three to four weeks before the start date.

We create a budget for advertising based on projected sales, and adjustments are made to the media selection and frequency on a weekly basis to maximize effectiveness.

PMP Sales has selectively partnered with talented experts in the areas of media buying, outdoor signage, and direct mail to provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible rates.




PMP maintains web-based daily journals and weekly reports available for your review that are maintained through a program designed specifically for our sales.  Our reports keep a real-time pulse on the profitability of your sale with a daily recap of sales, salesperson breakdown, advertising effectiveness, and a profit & loss section.  This is for information purposes only and not intended to replace your store’s accounting system.




Each store owner’s goals are different, so at PMP Sales, we discuss all options with you, including commission-based promotions, joint-venture sales, and paying you for your inventory.  So if you prefer to sell your existing inventory or your store, PMP Sales is prepared to write you a check.  We will take an inventory, analyze the value and reach a fair price.  Through our resources and credit lines, your potential is unlimited!

Every store’s promotion is given a projected sales volume and a guaranteed profit margin based on the store’s past history and PMP’s analysis.

PMP Sales’ system is designed to generate a dollar for dollar return on any existing inventory that is sold off, in addition to the overall profit from the promotion.

One of the keys to achieving high profits from a sale is to shrink overhead percentages by producing a great volume of business in a short period of time.